Collection of Japanese bondage shibari plotographs

Sale forlorn force is setting up a collection of tight binding photgraphs of the holy liquor male with an electronic book now.
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That neans , this blog is a thing when not only Japan but also the overseas person looks.
I think to have foreign people wach it becavse they noticed it and will release it with an electronic book.

The opinion imression still less accepts the comment to this
Please contact us at this address

An English sentence is wroong ;if think, please point out that is strange ,and correct it







小学校5,6年の頃 小説本でお姫様が縛られているイラストを見て
釘付けになったことを覚えている 別府の小さな古本屋だった その後奇譚クラブを大分駅前の本屋さんで見て
その時梨花悠紀子を知る それ以来彼女とは一心同体 いや 縛りに洗脳されました おおげさですが・・・・・


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